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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


Choosing perfume


Why do people wear perfume?


People wear perfume to express themselves and communicate with the world around them. It is one of the earlier forms of indulgence, dating back to ancient Egypt. Perfume is an essential luxury, it brings out true beauty in the simplest way possible. Scent evokes emotion and therefore has a connection to an inner, deeper part of us. Perfume brings out confidence, strength, joy, and lets the world know that you are a character to be reckoned with.


How do I chose a perfume that I’ll enjoy?


Choosing a perfume may not be easy, but it sure is fun! Your sense of smell is connected to your emotions so your choices won’t necessarily reflect any sort of logic. Most often, people chose a perfume based on their personality. Different scents can also evoke certain memories, which also influence our perfume choices. Because there are so many choices, we developed a scent guide to narrow your choice to the top perfumes that will reflect your taste, style and personality. (insert link)


How do I chose a perfume to give as a gift?


For any occasion, perfume is always a top gift option. No matter the age, personality or taste, everybody loves the luxurious sensation perfume provides. Our scent guide is made to help you find the perfume most suited to your or your loved one’s taste. Simply chose the options most suited to the perfume recipient, and our expert perfume enthusiasts will carefully select the perfumes most suited. Also, check out the best sellers to see what others are buying.

Wearing perfume


Where should perfume be applied?


Perfume should be applied at pressure points, places where blood vessels are closest to the skin. Wrists and neck are the most common places but not the only ones. Other pressure points include the crook of your elbows, behind your knees and on your ankles. For a lighter scent, you can spray perfume in the air and walk through the scent. Whether you spray, dab or splash, your perfume scent should be strong but not overpowering.


How often should I apply perfume?


While the lasting power of perfume varies by scent, people often find it necessary to reapply perfume during the day to keep their scent fresh. Some do not find it necessary to reapply perfume, but for many every four to six hours is common for a perfume touch up. Keep perfume on you at all times with refillable travel bottles. (inset link to refillable bottles)


What’s the best way to test perfume?


The best way to test perfume is to spray a bit on your wrists or neck. Department stores often distribute ribbons or hard paper for you to get a sense of what notes the perfume contains without leaving with a cloud of perfume-smoke by the end of the day. Wait about 5 minutes after spraying for the scent to spread. Take a whiff and see how you like it. You can also try out different scents by ordering samples.


How can I make my fragrance last longer?


One of the biggest problems perfume lovers face is that perfumes don’t last as long as we want them to. While there are different concentrations of perfume, your perfume should last for about 4 hours. Dry skin and dry weather will cause the scent of perfume to dissipate quicker. Choose a moisturizer to keep skin soft and receptive to perfume. You can also layer fragrances by choosing another one or two additional scents to spray in conjunction with your favorite perfume.


How can I tell if my fragrance is overpowering?


Perfume is meant to smell pleasant, not repulsive. Like any good thing, too much perfume is never enjoyable. Ask honest, trustworthy people around if they find your fragrance exceptionally overpowering. While different people enjoy different strengths of fragrance, getting a number of opinions will give you the most precise perspective.
Moisturizing the points on your skin where you spray perfume will give the fragrance somethings to stick to. Also recommended is applying perfume right after you shower. Most importantly, spray perfume at ‘pulse points’ where blood is closest to the surface.


Storing perfume


How long can I store my perfume before it goes bad?


With proper storage, perfume can last a very long time. An opened bottle of perfume can last for six to 18 months. A closed bottle of perfume, stored and cared for properly, can be used up to 3 years past the purchasing date. But as we know, perfume should be worn, not stored and should be replaced every birthday, holiday, and special occasion.


How should I store my perfume?


Perfume should be stored in a dry, cool place where it will be least disturbed by water, sunlight or extreme temperatures. Perfumes that have been in contact with any ‘foreign matter’, like water, powder, or dust from the air, can assume a murky appearance. This does not mean the perfume has gone bad.


Problems with my perfume


My perfume looks/smells fake. What should I do?


Fake perfume smells nothing like the real thing. Often, when a fragrance smells different than a previous bottle, it is automatically assumed to be an imitation. There can be a number of reasons why the perfume smells different, though.

Firstly, perfume is made in different batches. While the measurements and ingredients are precisely the same for every batch of perfume, no two batches of fragrance come out identical. There may be differences, but they should be subtle. Alternatively, perfumes can smell differently in different locations. What smells one way in a department store, for example, would have a different scent in the street or at home. Based on your surroundings, the scent of the perfume will meld with other scents and can smell slightly different. Additionally, old or spoiled perfume will have a sour scent.

If you still believe your perfume to be fake, give our customer service department a call at 866-295-5560 or email us at info@myfavoriteperfume.com. We will be happy to make sure you receive the best possible care and assistance.


How do I know if my perfume is off?


Perfume doesn’t last forever. But with proper care, it can last a very long time. You will know your perfume is spoiled when the color looks different, the consistency is thicker and it emits a sour scent. Throw out spoiled perfume. Discontinue its use.


Why did my perfume become cloudy?


Your perfume is sensitive and therefore should be protected from impurities. Often, perfume becomes cloudy when it is invaded by foreign matter such as skin cells or droplets of water. This does not indicate that your perfume has gone bad. To avoid cloudy perfume, keep perfume in a cool and dry place. Avoid storing perfume on in your bathroom for this reason.